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Madregalia was formed in September, 2003 as a forum for singing early music on the Monterey Peninsula. Initially the group had no name, but when it was decided to do a concert for friends in 2006 the name Mad Regalia was adopted with enthusiasm by the group, inspired by our selection of colorful costumery for the concert. The name quickly shortened to one word and has stuck. Many singers from around Monterey County have participated in the group over the years.

The Pastyme Consort is made up of 12 instrumentalists, many of whom also sing in Madregalia. They join with the vocalists to add color and depth to the concerts. The default instrumentation is violins and viols, with the occasional use of recorders and percussion.

Current membership:
Soprano: Laura Arnow, Elaine DeMarco, Jody Lee, Judi Moncrief, Alli Preece
Alto: Laura Frank, Kathy Kirkwood, MaryClare Martin, Kelli Morgantini, Deborah Sutherland
Tenor: David Canright, Brian Jacobson, Robin Jensen, Edward Moncrief, Mark Stevens
Bass: Russell Frank, Carlton Macy, Steve Moore, Andrew Passell, Frank Raab, Scott Wilson

Violins: Jacqueline Pierce, Shirley Tofte, Elizabeth Gaver (special guest artist)
Treble Viols: Elaine DeMarco, Laura Frank
Tenor Viols: Russell Frank
Bass Viol: Penny Hanna (special guest artist)
Recorders: Jeff DeMarco, Laura Frank, Judi Moncrief, Mark Stevens, Carlton Macy
Harpsichord: MaryClare Martin
Dulcian: Francis Toldi